Health Talk — Not Just For Horses

Replace drugs with healthHow do you feel about the following statement?

“Drug companies always put safety and excellent health above profit, and veterinarians and medical doctors receive ONLY unbiased, scientifically accurate knowledge from the universities they attend!”

Okay–IF YOU BOUGHT THAT, the article that follows and the sources of wisdom that are offered are probably not appropriate for you.

On the other hand, if that opening statement stimulated your gag reflex, you will likely resonate with what follows. Read on …

Hi, my name is Bruce Wesley Chenoweth. My Mom was a registered nurse. In the beginning she trusted and respected medical doctors and veterinarians. She referred to all other health care professionals as “quacks and charlatans.”

Children tend to trust, respect and copy what their parents do. When parents have been mis-informed and mis-educated, this can set the child’s entire lives askew. For example, anyone who accepted the header statement to this article as true is now or will soon be facing serious health challenges in themselves, their families, their pets, horses and livestock. Their only salvation will come from being blessed by an open mind combined with an exposure to some updated ancient wisdom about health and how to achieve it.

If you provide the open mind, this article will offer you two great sources of health-beneficial, updated, ancient wisdom.

Story of An Oddly Fortunate Teen-age Boy.

Regan, the teen-age son of a cattle rancher in central Washington state, demonstrated excellence both scholastically and athletically. The strength and agility that he naturally developed from ranch work had given him an ideal physique for high school football.

While playing football he sustained a serious injury to his back. Because of this injury combined with the wisdom of his father, his life made a sudden colossal shift. Here is what happened:

As you would imagine, Regan was taken to a medical specialist for his back injury. After evaluating his condition, the doctor gave a very disturbing diagnosis. Regan was suffering from Scheuermann’s disease, Schmorl’s nodes and ankylosing spondylitis which is a degenerative spinal condition that prevented his back from healing properly.

The prognosis was even more disturbing. The doctor said it was incurable. “It would progressively disable him, confining him to a wheelchair and stunting his life.”

At that point, the natural wisdom of Regan’s father kicked in. He instructed Regan to not believe what the doctor said–that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

Regan was carried off to two more back specialists. Same diagnosis. Same prognosis. Same angry, frustrated response from Regan’s wise father. Finally they found their way to a chiropractor. You know–the kind of doctor that my mom taught was a “quack and charlatan.” Fortunately for Regan, Mom was wrong!

The chiropractor taught Regan how to stop the progression of the disease. He was not able to stop the constant back pain that Regan was experiencing. I remember Regan describe it as being “like there was a knife stuck in my back all the time, except sometimes it felt like someone was twisting the knife.”

This was the strong motivation that Regan needed to begin his life-long thirst to exhaustively understand physiology. In addition to studying human physiology for his own needs, his rancher upbringing also stimulated him to learn the physiology of horses and livestock.

After achieving a degree in biology, Regan faced choices. Not wanting to be as limited as the three medical doctors who were unable to help him, he chose chiropractic as the more realistic and beneficial course of study.

While still in chiropractic college Regan met Dr. M. Ted Morter. Dr. Morter promised him that, if he would follow the Morter Method precisely, his back would fully recover within six weeks. This promise including becoming free from the incessant pain.

Regan followed the program to the letter. “In six weeks” he recounts, “it felt as though someone pulled the knife out of my back. My back has not hurt again since then–in 1977.”

The Good Fortune Passes On To YOU.

Health Talk for HorsesFortunately, it isn’t necessary for you to undergo the same pain, suffering, determination, diligence and continuing out-of-the-box studying and creativity that it took for Dr. Regan Golob to achieve his current state of brilliance. He is available and eager to teach you how to achieve and maintain extraordinarily excellent health in humans and other animals. He travels the world putting on workshops, seminars and individual sessions to demonstrate and share much of what he has learned.

Realizing that most people are not in a position to attend the widely scattered live presentations, Dr. Golob allowed some of his training sessions to be professionally video recorded. As a result, the “Health Talk For Horses” video training DVD has been created to compress two to three days of live training into a single one-hour video presentation.

Ideally, people will attend the live hands-on presentations, then get a copy of the DVD to use as video notes of what they learned. Alternatively, the video is so clear and understandable and the videography so excellent that few questions are left to be answered. By merely watching the video demonstrations a few times, you can learn to use the same remarkable healing skills used by Dr. Golob.

In summary, Dr. Regan Golob survived the agony and pain which resulted in amassing a remarkable body of knowledge about physiology and how to optimize health naturally and effectively. You get to reap the fruits of his pain as you sit in on Dr. Golob’s “Health Talk for Horses” which you can view again and again in the comfort of your home or barn. Just click the DVD cover, the link above or HERE to advance to the shopping cart where you can get your personal copy.


Now, to “wrap up” the story this began with …

In 1993 my wife and I learned that my 82 year-old mother’s failing health had landed her in a nursing home with an arthritic, broken body and severe Alzheimer’s disease. We moved back to Idaho to care for her in her own home.

The first thing we did was to begin applying the natural health wisdom that we had learned from Dr. Golob. Within a few months her medical doctor expressed his astonishment at how much she had improved, and agreed to take her off her many meds. He also demonstrated an open mind and a caring heart by asking to be taught what we had done to create such a “miracle.”

Under Dr. Golob’s guidance, we were able to support her mind to return to a workable, appreciative and loving state. Unfortunately, from years of inappropriate eating, acidosis had depleted the calcium in her bones and she broke them easily. She passed on in 2004 at the age of 93 from an error made by a medical attendant which resulted in an infection following a surgical procedure to repair one of her knees.

Had mom known to follow the alkalinizing advice of Dr. Golob for much of her life, her bones would have been strong, and she may still be thriving today.

I told you that part in hopes that you would sense the urgency of learning about natural health immediately. Please buy your DVD  and watch/listen to them again and again until it becomes an inherent part of you.

If you can’t justify it for yourself, do it for your animals–your spouse–your children. Don’t make them watch you wither away and die when making simple educated choices now can add years of thriving to your life.

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