Testimonials: Health Talk for Horses DVD

Testimonials: Health Talk for Horses DVD

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5-stars-150Save money on vet bills with prevention.
By Jennifer Doddridgeon

“Great information any horse person should know if they are wanting to save money on veterinary care by preventing illness and injury.”

5-stars-150Healthy Horses
By Amazon Customer

“Great dvd! a little pricey but worth it using the exercises on several horses and already noticing a difference . Great information for any horse owner or equine bodyworker. Would recommend to anyone .”

5-stars-150Five Stars
By Jennifer Guidry



“Hi. I am Bruce Chenoweth, a 73 year old Technical Investigator turned writer. Having grown up with horses, I was mesmerized when I first saw Dr. Golob’s health work with horses.

I am deeply saddened by the condition of most of the horses I see. Since I live in a rural farm and ranch community, I see horses along every road we travel. I choose to believe that most of the people with these sad, unhealthy horses are allowing the problems to happen because of simple ignorance rather than intentional negligence or maliciousness. Before seeing Dr. Golob’s work, I had no knowledge of how to help them.

Then I was invited to speak about an organic fertilizer at a horsemanship workshop being put on by Dr. Golob and Judy Sinner. Not knowing when I was scheduled to speak, I attended the whole day.

I was absolutely astounded by what I was witnessing during the demonstrations on horses! In just a matter of minutes the horses were becoming so vibrant that they looked like completely different horses. One of the mares actually seemed to change color between the time she was led into the arena and the time that she was led back out.

Even though I realized how impractical it was, I wanted to stop everywhere I saw horses to tell them to go to one of Dr. Golob’s horsemanship seminars. Then I learned that the essence of the seminar had been recorded and copied onto DVD–“Health Talk for Horses.”

With the availability of this amazing DVD there is now only one reason for people to have sad, sick horses–they just haven’t learned about the DVD yet. It is certainly cheap enough, and everyone has access to a DVD player. Now my job is to tell every horse owner I meet to get and study the DVD, then pass the knowledge on to others.

The SRP for this DVD is $60. Over 8,000 have been sold for that. I have made arrangements to purchase them in bulk so that we could sell them for $45. — a 25% discount — through our online Health Shop in the hope of getting it into the hands, minds and hearts of many more horsemen.

Will you help spread this worthy cause and enhance the condition of horses?

  1. Go to Shop.HMWT to get your copy at 25% off.
  2. Watch it. Study it.
  3. Apply what you learn.
  4. Observe the improvements in your horses.
  5. Return to this page and submit a testimonial.
  6. Invite every horse person you know to do the same.”

Imagine a world in which every horse was properly cared for!


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